What is simmersiv, and who is responsible for this revolutionary virtual reality training tool?

IDEA – Virtual reality professional training
By implementing VR, companies can craft experiences that are far more memorable and engaging than traditional methods to simulate highly specialized real-world products for training purposes. This tool can help you transfer experiences and knowledge at your company like you never imagined. VR training offers an affordable way to upskill your employees, train professional drivers, warehouse employees, construction site workers, etc. We want to underline that virtual reality learning and professional training is not a new idea. Honestly, worldwide research proves that this is a beneficial way of learning.
  1. PWC research: 4x faster learning in virtual reality.
  2. Stanford research: 76 % more effective learning in virtual reality.
  3. SIMMERSIV research: We did 150 tests with users – drivers. Results showed that the average experience is better in VR training than the traditional one.
We are an upcoming start-up company growing out of an established tech hub called Setapp. We are looking for investors and business partnerships to show our product to the transport and logistics industries, albeit the possibilities are far more extensive. We are open to any new ideas for using SIMMERSIV worldwide. Moreover, our solution is 100% scalable, so it is up to your business’s particular needs. 
Virtual Reality is in Setapp’s DNA. As you can imagine, it is a tech consulting company based in Poznan, Poland. For over ten years, Setapp has been creating successful apps for clients from all over the world.  It started in 2009, and company expertise was set on XR development projects. Finally, in 2015 all this experience led to a decision to create a spin-off company called Gamedust. The studio became a separate company in 2017 and delivered over 15 VR and non -VR gaming platforms. SIMMERSIV is the next upcoming startup we would like to establish shortly. Our team of experts takes you through the entire product journey – from product discovery to development and maintenance.

Meet our team!

🎮 Paweł Flieger

Entrepreneur, Investor, Manager. Setapp Board Advisor and Gamedust CEO. He is the author of SIMMERSIV vision.  

„Courage is something I value the most. It is the only way to create innovative, meaningful technology solutions for businesses and humanity.”

📲Cezary Mudyna

CEO of Setapp I Helping the  Transport Industry with Digital Transformation | Web 🌐 & Mobile  Development

„I’m the CEO of Setapp – a company focused on helping transport companies worldwide to implement novel technologies, such as VR & AR, mobile & web apps.”

📲Jerzy Zientkowski

Chief of Professional Training Business Unit at Setapp, Head of Marketing at Setapp, Trainer, Speaker, and Developer.

🎮Szymon Sikora

Service Delivery Manager at Setapp, VR/AR Engineer, XR Unity Developer, Automotive Engineer.

„Virtual Reality and Automotive enthusiast. Developing applications, using new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Important technologies that help in everyday life.”

our story

simmersiv training


Setapp was established. It is the true beginning of our digital journey. Now it is over ten years of our tech hub's existence. We have an extensive portfolio of XR developments and successful apps for clients worldwide in the transport industry.


Paweł Flieger among other funders, decided to make some changes and reorganize the way we are. Gamedust studio emerged to focus on producing virtual reality games, while at Setapp we continue to work on the idea of virtual reality professional training.


SIMMERSIV, as an innovative virtual training solution that allows transferring of experience and knowledge, is on its way to becoming a top brand and spin-off company. We are open to any new ideas for using SIMMERSIV worldwide. It is up to your business's particular needs.

Let’s create something great together!

Contact us, and let’s talk about training needs at your business.


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