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Our customers ask us these questions:

Most of our projects are done in the way that enables our customers to maintain and fix HW themselves. In case of emergency please use standard contact form, urgent cases – Your dedicated Service Delivery Manager

Each 6 month we tend to release new version of our simulator software. If Your purchase qualifies for the update, you’ll be notified.

There are two ways to install your new simulator. Either do-it-yourself process, just like IKEA – only you won’t be left with excess of screws 🙂

Otherwise you’ll have it installed by our engineers.

Not at the moment.

If you want to be notified when the shipping is possible, please contact us using standard contact form.

You’ll need 3×2 square meters room with 2,2m ceiling.

Three power outlets are required, totaling 2500W.

There are no other requirements

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